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Past Favorites

March 14, 2011

Preparing  to travel again always makes me nostalgic for past trips. These are some of my most memorable experiences from the past 2 tours:

Chez Pannise (Berkeley, CA) – The restaurant where the local food revolution started. Chef Alice Waters is a huge inspiration to me and her restaurant was every bit as wonderful as I hoped. I ate upstairs at the café where the menu is larger and cheaper.  I will definitely be making a trip back someday to try out the full restaurant downstairs.

Professor Cline’s Dinosaur Kingdom and Haunted House (Natural Bridge, VA) – A collection of tableaus depicting dinosaurs at war with Union soldiers and the scariest and most authentic haunted house I’ve ever visited. Also in Natural Bridge: Foamhenge (a replica of Stone Henge made entirely of foam, also made by Cline) and the Pink Cadillac Diner (food: mediocre, decor: hysterical).

Graceland (Memphis, TN) – Every bit as kitschy as you imagined. I’ve never been a big Elvis fan, but his influence is undeniable and the house is perfectly preserved. Fascinating and definitely worth the price of admission.

River Architecture Tour
(Chicago, IL) – A great way for a first time visitor (like I was) to get a feel for the city.  The buildings are just beautiful and they also provided a great history lesson.

Professor Cline's Dinosaur Kingdom

I'm being hatched.

View from boat on the Chicago River

P.S. – Happy Pi Day!!!!

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