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A whale’s…you know

March 19, 2011

Event 1: check!  As always, the first school is chaotic, but SDSU was more so than usual. We discovered that the Kinect does not work when exposed to sunlight, which is slightly problematic when it is the focal point for our outdoor event. Thankfully my coworkers are awesome to work with even in times of stress, and our event staff was forgiving and optimistic.

After work yesterday we finally got to explore a bit more of San Diego.  We drove to Old Town and drank margaritas under the very full moon. We ate at the main restaurant Casa de Reyes which was very touristy but had great food, including homemade flour tortillas.

I’m currently on my way to Austin, where we will be staying for 1 night and checking out SXSW! Then tomorrow we will drive to College Station, TX for our second event at Texas A&M University.



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  1. Auntie Judi permalink
    March 19, 2011 11:57 pm

    You go girl!!! Texas is o my wish list for a Land Yacht trip. Have fun and stay safe, I love you xoxox

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