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March 22, 2011

Before I get into College Station, I promised I would go back and get this:

The waitress could not explain why it was served with a shot of  Pearl, which thankfully turned out to be a local light beer, and not vodka as we predicted.  The bloody Mary was not a bacon-y as I expected, but was slightly smokey and spicy.  And the half salt, half pepper rim was a very nice touch.  The rest of my breakfast was nothing to blog about, but my coworker highly recommends the Texas Benedict.

On to College Station. I knew almost nothing about Texas A&M,  but learned quickly that tradition is everything. “Howdy” is the official greeting on campus and you are expected to say it to each person you pass.  There are also tons of pre-game rituals, lucky spots on campus, and events that each student is expected to attend. Students that don’t participate are called “2 percenters” because everyone is involved. Pretty impressive when you consider it is a school of 50,000.

Last night we tried out Layne’s Chicken Fingers which was oozing with local charm.  I had the signature plate, which was chicken fingers, fries, potato salad, and Texas toast and rounded out my meal with sweet tea.

Chicken Finger Plate

Texas has not been our healthiest tour stop. But at least I only ate it once. Unlike this guy….

I seriously doubt he is human. I would love to let you know where I will be off to tomorrow, but I still don’t know! It’s very frustrating, but I’m crossing my fingers for some time off. Until then….Howdy! ( I assume Howdy is like Aloha, hello & goodbye)

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