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Happy Cows

April 5, 2011

Last week I watched Food, Inc., a great documentary about the food industry in America (watch it!).  One of the topics the documentary covered was the mistreatment of animals and the resulting spread of E. coli. Cows, for instance, are often fed food that is not natural to them (corn instead of grass), kept in close quarters where their waste builds up, and then not properly cleaned during slaughter: all of which lead to the spread of deadly bacteria.  Then it just so happened that on my drive from LA to Santa Clara I saw an example of cows mistreated just as they were depicted in the film, but also saw cows living the California dream. I never doubted what I saw in Food, Inc., but the reality is always so much more moving.

Unhappy cows vs. Happy cows

PS – I’m off to Salt Lake City on Wednesday! Snow is in the forecast…

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  1. April 5, 2011 6:15 am

    I actually saw a lot of roaming cows in the outback – I was quite shocked! I”m pretty sure that they were happy cows since there’s plenty of grass for them out there even though it’s a lot tougher than what American cows are used to. People who own thousands of acres in Oz just let cows and goats roam their land, it’s really quite odd because it means that there’s ton’s of electric fences attached to grates over the road so that farm animals can’t go into government-owned conservation land. This isn’t my pic but it’s exactly what I saw–>


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