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Spirits and Gravity

April 22, 2011

My trip to Atlanta was a whirlwind, just 2 days and now I’m back in Boston. The rain held off for our event and Emory was by far my favorite school we’ve hit this tour (actually… my favorite school ever). The campus was beautiful and eco-conscious, the students diverse and friendly, and the mascot is the eagle!

Emory also has an unofficial mascot, Dooley, who is a skeleton and the “Spirit of Emory.” How Hogwarts is that?? Dooley’s story is that he was a Virginia soldier who moved to Georgia after duty, but couldn’t kick the alcohol habit he picked up so they placed him in a home for “incurable inebriates.”  After his death his bones were recovered and donated to the Biology department at Emory, where he joined the faculty. Now there is an actual student who dresses up at Dooley for special campus events, and his identity is carefully guarded (he even has students dressed up as secret service members to protect him). And, if Dooley makes a stop by your class it is automatically canceled!

Dooley, the Spirit of Emory

Another unique sight at Emory is the Anti- Gravity Monument. Roger Babson (founder of Babson College) started the Gravity Research Foundation which aimed to understand gravity and educate people on it, since his sister died of a gravity related occurrence (drowning). This monument reads: “To remind students of the blessings forthcoming when science determines what gravity is how it works and how it may be controlled.”

Anti-Gravity Monument

This weekend will be spent catching up with friends, projects, and rest. Next week: George Mason University, Temple University, my birthday, and the royal wedding!

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