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Don’t Make a Misteak

May 5, 2011

Pat's v. Geno's

While I was in Philadephia last week I had to take the quintessential trip to Pat’s and Geno’s; cheese steak joints located across the street from one another that both claim to have the best sandwich in Philly. In order to have the full experience I got a sandwich from Pat’s and Geno’s with the same ingredients (whiz (cheese sauce), steak, bread) and then ate half from each.  My initial reaction was “wow, these taste exactly the same.”  But as I ate I could discern slight differences between the sandwiches.  Geno’s had a thinner sauce and less of it, bigger steak pieces and marginally softer bread. Pat’s had thicker cheese sauce that they use more of and more finely shredded steak.

The sandwiches were very similar, but the store fronts were wildly different. Geno’s had lights everywhere, a giant sandwich on its roof, and lots of orange. Pat’s has a very subdued exterior with simple signs that say “Pat’s King of Steaks Since 1930 – Don’t Make a Misteak.” Taking into account the whole experience (sandwich and atmosphere) I picked….Pat’s. You know I could never pass up a good sandwich pun. Has anyone else tried both cheese steaks? Any thoughts?

PS – I can’t officially count this in the comparison because I only had them from Pat’s, but their fries were fantastic.

Geno's Steaks

Pat's King of Steaks

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