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The Wine That Almost Never Was (Blogged)

September 4, 2011

Tori didn’t want to blog about this wine. Not because it isn’t good. Well, it’s not good. But it also isn’t bad. Her point is that she only is willing to invest blog effort into things she is passionate about. My argument is that a blog must produce informative content to convey experience to masses. Knowledge is power. So straight from the Seattle Chalet comes the FIRST guest blog on Tori Storis, by Brendan:

House Wine – Chardonnay
Drinkable, very mild flavor, one person could drink an entire bottle with little impact on the palate or mental capacity.

There is literally nothing special. Maybe serve if you’re in an urban area where tap water is of questionable potability. But if you’re entertaining a crowd with a low tolerance for adventure, this is your bottle. At about $10 at your local QFC (Quality Food Centers for anyone not from the Pacific Northwest) – it’s an economical choice if your party will be consuming more than 4 bottles at the dinner table. It’s also bottled in Walla Walla, Washington, just a stone’s throw from Seattle. Overall consensus: if you’re in the neighborhood, you’re doing a good thing buying local and supporting a small vineyard – but it’s not worth importing. Would be excellent in Scampi.

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