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Jackson Hole

October 13, 2011

The base of Jackson Hole, covered by clouds.

Our first stop was Jackson, WY, a ski town about 30 minutes from the Jackson Hole ski resort. It was the first (and only) substantial town we encountered in Wyoming, with a population over 8,000.  We decided to class it up after a long day of driving, and had drinks and appetizers at the Snake River Grill (the steak tartare pizza was excellent).  Afterwards we went to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, which was hopping.  It was all of the kitschy cowboy decor you could hope for in one establishment (the bar stools were saddles), and the country cover band had many folks dancing.  We were also the youngest people there, and the only ones  (male or female) not wearing the Jackson Saturday Night Uniform: cowboy hat, fancy button down, big belt, jeans, cowboy boots.  At least we know for next time (and there will be a next time for when we come back to ski someday!).

We stayed at The Hostel which is an amazing shack of a building among all the fancy, expensive resports. At $40 a night ($90 in season) it really can’t be beat, if you don’t mind bare bones rooms and thin walls (but after a long day of skiing and a few drinks, who would mind?).

The Hostel

A Mad River bumper sticker in WY!

The Teton Range (which Jackson Hole is part of).

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