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Gift Guide: Foodies

December 21, 2011

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love nothing more than single task items that take up lots of space on my counter and over-priced specialty gifts. Here are a few of my favorites that will be sure to please the self-taught sommelier in your life.

Honey I Left it On the Toast ($$$): This toaster toasts any message you want onto bread! An incredible multitasker, now you can make breakfast and write a note without wasting a single sticky.

PB&J of the Month Club ($214.99): It’s a growing trend in the food world to make elevated versions of classic favorites, and the PB&J is no exception.  With this gift a paper bag sandwich lover can try a variety of the best butters and jams around.  One of each every month!

Pizza Scissors ($9.99): I love to make my own pizza at home (Saffron, Truffle, and Edible Gold with Goat Cheese is my favorite), but there have been so many times I’ve fumbled with a pizza wheel and serving piece. Now that the pizza scissors have been created, those days are behind me!

Truffle pig ($2000-$4000): Truffles are the edible diamonds of the food world.  They are impossible to cultivate and difficult to forage, but elevate any dish to 4 star quality (Spam with truffles? Delish).  Make the foodie on your list the envy of their Fungi of the Month Club by getting them a pig.  Any old pig can be trained to hunt truffles, so within a few years they will have so many truffles they can eat them atop messaged toast for breakfast.

All photos of products taken from their respective links.

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