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Dinner Inspiration: Happy New Year!

January 3, 2012

Here are my most recent successful recipe trials, just in case your New Year’s resolution is to make more exciting and varied dinners. If not, then I’m just trying to make you hungry.

Leek and Potato Soup (Vegetarian): My family likes this soup so much, I’ve made it for the last 3 Christmas dinners.  But it’s also easy enough to do on a random weekday, as I am about to do tonight (with some salad and chicken to round out the meal).

Parsnip and Potato Latkes (Vegetarian):  It was my first time making latkes, and these proved easy and incredibly good. My only complaint was the prepared horseradish I used was not strong enough to come through in the sauce, so if you are using prepared instead of fresh grated add some extra.  I turned the latkes into a full breakfast for dinner by pairing them with my favorite egg dish, scrambled eggs with goat cheese (and I halved the recipe as I was cooking for 3).

Caribbean Chicken Wings: These wings are the right balance of sweet and spicy, and the glaze turns out nice and sticky.  While they would be just fine for dinner, they are also a fantastic party food as you can make a lot and serve them at room temperature.  I know Christmas parties are 11 months away, but I hear there is a big football game coming up…

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