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Easy DIY Apron

May 24, 2012

A few months ago I bought a sewing machine. The last sewing lesson I had was in second grade, and I have never finished the 1′ x 2′ quilt I started in that class.  But the urge to sew has struck me again, and since buying my machine I’ve completed a few basic projects.  I wanted to make an apron for a Christmas present but couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I just made my own pattern from an apron I already owned. It was incredibly easy and I ended up making 3 aprons with little trouble. This is a beginner tutorial (by a beginner) for other eager sewing newbies.


  • 1 yard of fabric
  • matching thread
  • 1 yard of pattern paper
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • scissors
  • 2 D-rings


1. Use pattern paper to trace the shape of your model apron and cut it out. Then measure the length of the side and neck ties.  Determine how thick you want the ties to be, and then multiply that width by 2.5 (to allow for a small hem). There should be three long ties and a short one for the d-rings to fit onto. If you are including a pocket, measure/determine how large you want it to be (I made mine slightly smaller than the  apron I was modeling after).

2. Cut out all of the stencil pieces for the apron, side ties, and pocket (if you are including one).

3. Determine how wide of a hem you want, then measure, fold and iron each side of the apron and pocket sides and then pin in place.

4. Fold the side ties in half lengthwise, with the fabric pattern on the inside, and then iron.

5. Sew all of the apron hems, removing pins as you go. Also sew all four the ties lengthwise along the open side, leaving a smaller hem.

6.  Turn all of the ties right-side out. I used a dowel to do this.  Just start to reverse the fabric, place it over the top of the dowel, and pull down all the way. Then, iron the ties one last time.

7. Hem one end of each of the ties (except the small one that the d-rings will be attached to) to the two sides and top left corner of the apron.  Attach the unfinished end to the body of the apron, so the finished end is the one one visible.

8. String the d-rings unto the small strip. Fold in in half, then sew it to the top corner of the apron, opposite the other tie.  I found these top ties looked best when I sewed them as close to the edge as I could.

9. Measure the front width of the apron to determine where the pocket should go so it is centered. Pin it in place, then sew down the left side, right side, and bottom.

10. Check the whole apron for any extra thread and cut off the excess.

11. Cook a delicious meal in your new apron!

My existing apron on the left, and the stencil on the right.

The body of the apron, 3 long ties, a small loop for d-rings, and the pocket.

Measuring the hem.

Ironing all of the hems down.

Ironing the side ties with the print facing inward.

All ironing done!

Sewing the hems.

All sewing of the individual pieces complete. Time to stitch them together.

I used a dowel to turn the 3 long side ties right-side out.

All ties were ironed again, then I sewed one end of each tie to prevent fraying (and then removed those loose threads!).

All 3 ties attached.

Measuring the width of the apron to center the pocket.

Top: The pocket pinned in place. Bottom: Sewing the pocket down.

Sewing on the loop with 2 d-rings.

The final results and their recipients! My mom on the left in the apron shown in the DIY, and my sister on the left in an orange and pink print apron I made from the same stencil.

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